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Todays work is learning to refine Actipro’s Syntax Editor

This tool is very complex and has many bells and whistles. It is a way to create a syntax language like C# or VB and have an editor for the language. So far I have been able to use it in a more Generic Manner. It is a large project to tackle, but I am getting more proficient as to how to use it every day.


The lamest licensing in the world award goes to SoftwareFX!!!

The lamest licensing in the world

I have been dealing with this dialog twice a compile inside my code. So far about 20 times today. There is no option to turn it off. We have purchased this software and are not going to renew our support subscription. This company feels like they can harrass us into a new subscription. I think in the end we should replace their controls with Telerik or some other component that does not have a lame licensing model. They do not provide fixes for issues for a long time anyway, whats their subscription worth?

Telerik Stepline Advanced for RadChartView PointLabels and DataMarkers

Example of labeling and datamarkers with stepline
Peshito from Telerik had a great work around for creating a stepline with Telerik’s new faster RadChartView Control. I decided to give it a whirl. I realized it would work, but I needed to add labeling and pointmarkers. I was able to get the functionality I needed through a couple of TemplateSelectors. Please look through the sample app for fun.

Example Solution